Irina Gabiani’s video at TIME is Love.12 [Show 4] Universal Feelings: Myths & Conjunctions WE OPEN SPACE & WIENSTATION, Vienna, Austria


TIME is Love.12 [Show 4]
Universal Feelings: Myths & Conjunctions
17 – 19 September 2020
Screening and Dj Set


Amy Bassin & Mark Blickley, Avant Kinema, Celine trouillet, Egle Oddo, Haythem Zakaria, Hicham Matini, Hiroshi Atobe, Ilaria Di Carlo, Irina Gabiani, Kent Tate, Kokou Ekouagou, Laura Cabrera & Sira Cabrera, Lisi Prada, Oscar Leone Moyano, Monica De Miranda, Pablo-Martín Córdoba, Sara Bonaventura, Sonia Laura, Virginie Foloppe.

Curated by Kisito Assangni
Organised by Wilfried Egger Lienz


Frame from Irina Gabiani’s video

“World as yourself”, 2013 ©

Irina Gabiani’s video at TIME is Love.12 [Show 3] Universal Feelings: Myths & Conjunctions, New Zealand


New Zealand 
TIME is Love.12 [Show 3]
Universal Feelings: Myths & Conjunctions

Blue Oyster Art Project Space
Dunedin – New Zealand
In collaboration with The Nomadic Art Gallery

2 – 18 July 2020
Opening preview: Wed 1st July – 5:30pm
Free entry


Amy Bassin & Mark Blickley     Avant Kinema –Sarahjane Swan &Roger Simian     Egle Oddo   Haythem Zakaria     Hicham Matini    Hiroshi Atobe   Ilaria Di Carlo     Irina Gabiani     Kent Tate     Kokou Ekouagou     Lisi Prada     Monica De Miranda     Pablo-Martín Córdoba     Sara Bonaventura     Sonia Laura     Virginie Foloppe.

Curated by Kisito Assangni
Special Thanks to The Nomadic Art Gallery

Frame from Irina Gabiani’s video

“World as yourself”, 2013 ©

Irina Gabiani’s video at NewMediaFest2020 – “The Female Eye”

NewMediaFest2020 – The 365 Days Diary

13 May 2020

Today, the new show “The Female Eye” continues – the next 37 female artists are packed in 5 screening programs – read the complete article on:

and review videos by:

Isabelle Rozenbaum (France) Margarida Paiva (Portugal) – Lisi Prada (Spain) Francesca Lolli (Italy) Virginie Foloppe (France) Unnur Andrea Einarsdottir (Iceland) Jana Wisniewski (Austria) Myriam Thyes (Ch/Lu) Johanna Reich (Germany) Ina Loitzl (Austria) Maria Maria Felix Korporal (NL) Dee Hood (USA) Silvia De Gennaro (Italy) Laura y Sira Laura Cabrera Díaz (Spain) Sandra Sandra Araújo(Portugal) Sandrine Deumier (France) Talia Link (Israel) Irina Gabiani (Georgia) Hannah Ford(UK) Iona Pelovska (Canada) Valerie Garlick (USA) Jill Sigman )USA) Tais Bean (France) Lidia Starodubtseva (Ukraine) Cynthia Whelan (UK) ALice Alice Arnold (USA) Jen Ross (UK) Christina McPhee (USA) Rrose SelavyPresent (Spain) Eilleen Bonner (UK) Ninfa Sánchez (MX) Dawn Westlake (USA)Aliénor Vallet (France) Inês von Bonhorst (Portugal) Sunita Prasad (India) Jaime Ekkens (USA) Gabriele Stellbaum (Germany)

Images from the video  “Didn’t I tell you” by  Irina Gabiani and David Djindjikhachvili

Irina Gabiani’s online exposition at TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois





Dimanche 3 mai 2020 à 19h

Yuko Kominami, Daniele Ninarello, Stephan Herwig, CLASH — Retransmission vidéo

Jill Crovisier, WE ARE WE — Retransmission vidéo

Sarah Baltzinger, What does not belong to us* — Retransmission vidéo

Irina GabianiExposition


*What does not belong to us est actuellement encore en tournée, malgré quelques dates de représentation annulées/reportées au vu de la situation actuelle. Cette proposition de retransmission vidéo est donc une EXCLUSIVITÉ, et nous remercions beaucoup Sarah Baltzinger de nous/vous offrir cette possibilité de (re)découvrir une de ses dernières créations !


Irina Gabiani Exposition



Irina Gabiani est une plasticienne née en 1971 à Tbilissi en Géorgie. Elle vit et travaille au Luxembourg. Après des études à l’Académie des Arts de Tbilissi, Irina a déménagé à Amsterdam où elle a étudié à l’Académie Gerrit Rietveld.

Irina Gabiani travaille le dessin, la peinture, l’installation, la sculpture mais également la vidéo et la performance. L’Univers, dans son essence holistique, est au centre des recherches de l’artiste selon laquelle nous appartenons tous à un système unique, un « grand organisme » imaginé comme une sorte de chaîne complexe et interdépendante, dont nous, et tout ce qui nous entoure, faisons partie. Ses œuvres ont été exposées à l’international, à la fois dans des galeries, des institutions, des musées ainsi que des festivals et biennales, dont la Biennale de Venise.


Date : 03.05.2020
Horaire : à partir de 19h
Lieu : sur notre page Facebook (ICI) ainsi que sur notre page Internet (ICI) où nous y partagerons en exclusivité les interviews des artistes
Evénement Facebook :ICI

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→ IMPORTANT : Les vidéos sont à votre disposition gratuitement, seulement pour un visionnage simple, et ce UNIQUEMENT pour la durée suivante : du 03.05.2020 à partir de 19h jusqu’au lendemain, 04.05.2020 à 19h.

Un projet du :  TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois
Avec le soutien financier du : Ministère de la Culture, Ville de Luxembourg


Irina Gabiani’s video at – TIME is Love.12 [Show 2] Universal Feelings: Myths & Conjunctions, ELY Center of Contemporary Art, USA

TIME is Love.12 [Show 2]
Universal Feelings: Myths & Conjunctions

ELY Center of Contemporary Art

51 Trumbull St
New Haven, Connecticut
In Collaboration with Witchy/Extra Human

16th March – 19th April 2020
Free entry


Amy Bassin & Mark Blickley, Avant Kinema–Sarahjane Swan & Roger Simian, Céline Trouillet, Haythemcar Leo
ZakariaHiroshi AtobeIlaria Di CarloIrina GabianiKent TateKokou EkouagouLaura Cabrera DíazLisi PradaOsne Moyano, Pablo-Martín Córdoba, Sara Bonaventura, Sonia Laura, Virginie Foloppe.

Image: Sonia Laura, Do we Heal, 2018

Curated by Kisito Assangni

Frame from Irina Gabiani’s video

“World as yourself”, 2013 ©

Irina Gabiani’s video at TIME is Love 12, Universal Feelings: Miths & Conjunctions, CRUCE Centre of Contemporary Art, Madrid, Spain

Image: Kokou Ekouagou, Resurrection


TIME is Love.12 [Show 1]

Universal Feelings: Myths & Conjunctions

CRUCE Centre of Contemporary Art
C/ Dr Fourquet,5

In Collaboration with Voces en Off

1st & 8th February 2020


Amy Bassin & Mark Blickley, Avant Kinema–Sarahjane Swan & Roger Simian, Céline Trouillet, Egle Oddo, Haythem Zakaria, Hiroshi Atobe, Ilaria Di Carlo, Irina Gabiani, Kent Tate, Kokou Ekouagou, Laura Cabrera Díaz, Lisi Prada, Oscar Leone Moyano, Pablo-Martín Córdoba, Sara Bonaventura, Sonia Laura, Virginie Foloppe.

Curated by Kisito Assangni


Frame from Irina Gabiani’s video

“World as yourself”, 2013 ©

Conversation with Irina Gabiani – an interview by Gian Marco Casini with an artist



Conversation with Irina Gabiani


1. Georgia-Netherlands-Luxembourg. Every place in which you lived has left you a significant trace. Can you describe it briefly?


I’ve been painting since I remember myself. I began my training as a professional artist at the age of 16 when I enrolled in a school specialized in art in Georgia. Later on I went to the Academy of art in Tbilisi, where I studied classical painting.

I then realized that a classical education was not enough for me, as I wanted to explore my personal artistic direction. Therefore, I decided to study in Amsterdam at the Rietveld Academy of Arts, where I was given freedom to grow into the artist that I am today.

After 4 years at the Rietveld Academy, I moved to Luxembourg where I still reside and work today.

This whole journey really helped shape me as an artist, going from a classical art education to what I do today, although I still use the skills learnt whilst studying classical art in Georgia.



2.You also have a special relationship with Italy. One of the first exhibitions in which you participated was with Giancarlo Salzano, historic gallerist from Turin amongst which of Carol Rama. From then on, your career took off. What impact did he have on you? Or have there been more significant people in your path?


I have always had a special feeling towards Italy, as for me Italy is the cradle of art. I have always admired this beautiful country and it has over time become my second homeland.

There have been many people who have had a significant impact on my path as an artist, amongst the most significant was Giancarlo Salzano, who played a very important role in my artistic life, as he helped me discover my artistic direction. For this, I will remain forever grateful to him.

There are many other people who have helped shape me as an artist and helped boost my career and I am sure that I will meet many such people in the future as well. I am extremely grateful to every one of those people.


3. As mentioned, your journey has led you to exhibit in Italy (including the Venice Biennale), Georgia, Luxembourg, Morocco, Lebanon, France, Germany, and much more. The main theme of your work, in my opinion, is the connection between people, objects and places. The beauty of our work is precisely this, to create new contacts and ties day after day. Do you agree?


Certainly, I believe that we are all bound to one another through invisible ties as well as with the whole Universe. I believe that it is important, that we all have an awareness of these connections, as this helps shape our behaviour as a society, to become more respectful of others as well as our planet. Through this awareness, we would in turn become more responsible, which is crucial in today’s world.



4.You told me that you go around in the places you frequent with a sketchbook. How are your works born? Do you usually draw without a plan or do you need to use the sketches in your book to then develop the works in the studio?


I mainly use my sketchbook for projects when it comes to big installations. It is extremely useful as when I have an idea I can draw it on a small scale to better understand how a project could look on a large scale.

Not only I draw out these ideas but I have also made small scale 3d models to have a better idea of how a finished project could look. I have quite a few big projects in mind that I would like to realize in the future. My sketchbook isn’t only used to plan but also to make drawings, as this can be done anywhere, these drawings remain separate from any projects or ideas and are the final product. I made quite a lot of these drawings, which I then exposed at the Georgian National Museum.

When it comes to my two-dimensional collage works I usually just make them directly without planning in advance, this is how I make most of my works.


5. Watching your work, I noticed your family’s participation. How important is this for you?


The involvement of my family members in my work has always been very important as I work on the concept of connections and the connection between family members is one of the closest human relationships that exists.

In my earliest collage works, I used photos of my close family members as well as my ancestors. This helped deepen my understanding of myself and my roots which I was then later able to convey in my work.

Later on, I started making works using images of my husband and my daughter. Most of these works were in the form of video art, since I decided to explore the use of moving images.



6. Particularly in your videos your husband and your daughter are often seen as protagonists. How did you start using this medium?


Yes, my daughter Nicole, my husband Ivan and I are the protagonists of these videos, this is important to me as my art is largely connected to my personal history, both past and present.

My first video was a video of the performance “Slaves of the system” which I staged at the Georgian National Pantomime Theatre in 2007 with Georgian actors.

After that, I made another video of a performance “Samaia or Triamazikamno” again with the actors from the Pantomime Theatre, that was also showcased at the Rustaveli Georgian National Theatre.

I then decided to make videos of me and my family, as making videos was always a dream of mine from a young age, where I would see the world around me as a film, so I decided to make that dream a reality and started making video art.

When I make video art, I have to completely change my way of thinking, as I have to adapt my vision to a completely different media.


7. “Game without rules”, can we extend the title of this exhibition to all your research, in which you have created a series of interconnected Universes, that are at the same time free to travel on their own. How did this work of yours start?


I have been working on the theme of similarities within the Universe since 1999. To depict the fact that the Universe is infinite, I decided to use very long, almost infinite paper rolls as a canvas for my works. Through the development of these ideas, the project “Unrolling the Universe” was formed, this was then exhibited at the Georgian National Museum.

This installation represented the theme of connections within the Universe and showed how everything is interconnected. I later on expanded those ideas into a project titled “Unrolling the human body” that was then presented at the Centre of Contemporary Dance, Trois C-L, in Luxembourg.


This idea was further developed into an installation of paintings titled “ Domino principle (the end is your choice)” that was exhibited at the Nosbaum Reding Gallery in December – January this year. For this project I made 39 separate works of the same dimension that were presented as tiles making up a domino game. This project revolved around the concept of life as a game and how each choice we make bares a consequence.

After that exhibition, I decided to further explore the idea of life being a game, but this time, a game without rules, where I decided to break the rules of the game, making each work a different size and separating each one from the other, exactly as when society stops respecting nature, breaking the fundamental interdependency between humans and nature, leading to a path of utter destruction. I wanted to use this occasion to share this message with the viewers, the risks we are facing if we do not respect this interdependency rule: so that -hopefully- we all start to act quickly and we can save ourselves and our wonderful planet.

I am convinced that humans can develop in harmony with nature.


8. Science, laws of nature and social topics are also topics frequent in your works, today in my view there is a proliferation of art as an end in itself. Which is the role of the artist today?


I think throughout all of human history, artists always had a strong impact on society, regarding formation of opinions and its development; art has been one of the major factors contributing to development of humanity over time.

I believe that sometimes artists are ahead of their time in terms of thoughts and ideas, some are so ahead that society is not ready to accept them, but the fact that they expressed their ideas has put some seeds that can help society and its development.

Of course, this is still the case today and I believe that it is important for me to share my views, ideas and intuitions in my art.


9. Knowing you and looking at your website, it seems to me, that you are careful in taking care of your archive, is this an important aspect for a contemporary artist?


Yes, I organize my archive as it helps me understand how my work has progressed over time, as I can see all the different stages of my art. This allows me to see my whole path as an artist and to realize how my art has grown into what it is today.


“F is For” Feminism and the Female Form, Hyperflexion Contemporary Art, ( RSA )



Hyperflexion Contemporary Art
“F is For” Feminism and the Female Form

10 July 2019 (Wednesday)
Time: 6pm to 8pm

Exhibition will run from 10 July to 10 September

A Group Show featuring both local and international artists in a variety of media express their interpretation of the call and Feminism and the Female Form is uniquely portrayed.

We also proudly include a collaboration with ArtFem TV An online television programming featuring feminism and art (Evelin Stermitz – Curator) (Austria) with many global video artists and filmmakers. This will run as an Online interactive display. Here is the direct link to ArtFem TV:

The Screening Room at HCA will also showcase a selection of International artists in a large scale looped projection.

Paintings, photography and a variety of works are sure to woo your senses so join us for a very interesting evening. A celebration of women and an intriguing perspective of femininity, the female form and Feminism. It may shock you, thrill you or soothe your jangled nerves. Something for everyone in this hot pot of powerful imagery and portrayal of women.

Here is the list of some of the artists celebrating Feminism and the Female Form with us. We will update it fully before July as we are still in the process of receiving and hence confirming participation of artists and their works.

Simone Stoll (Germany) – Céline B. La Terreur (Canada) –  Boštjan Jurečič, (Slovenia)  – Ulf Kristiansen (Norway),  Irina Gabiani (Luxembourg) – Sylvia Toy St Louis (USA) – Ellen Schippers (Netherlands) – Evelin Stermitz (Austria) – Cynthia De Moss (USA)
Mtshengisi Emmanuel Ntaisi (RSA) – Francesca Lolli (Italy) – Alison Williams (RSA) – Helena Lie (Sweden) – Jasmin Lee Hoffman (RSA)
– Adriane Little (USA) – Claudia Ungersbäck (Austria) – Caddelle (RSA) – Louwrens Westraad (RSA) – Lili White (USA) – Amy Contell (RSA) – Carla de la Beffa (Italy) – Wednesday Kim (S Korea) – Marilena Vita (Italy) – Elizabeth Ross (Mexico) – Emma Sywyj (UK)
– Nicole Goodwin (USA) – Isabel Pérez (Spain) – INVASORIX (Mexico) – Pipoca Paola de Ramos (Brazil) – Luke Rudman (RSA)


“Exquisite form”, a video by Irina Gabiani 2013


Irina Gabiani, “Across the Universe” at Raffaella De Chirico Contemporary Art,Torino, Italy







Sounds of laughter, shades of life
Are ringing through my open ears
Inciting and inviting me
Limitless undying love
Which shines around me like a million suns
It calls me on and on and on
Across the Universe

The Beatles, Across the Universe


On Thursday 19 September, on the occasion of the opening of TAG Turin Art Galleries, the Raffaella De Chirico Gallery presents the solo exhibition of Irina Gabiani, an eclectic Georgian artist who works with drawing, painting, installation, video and performance.

The concept of the Universe is the focus of her artistic research, the “great organism” to which everything is interconnected, because everything is One.

Family ties, electrical components, hands that become ramifications to join other parts of the body, hair, DNA. The elements that the artist uses for her works are fragmentations aimed at the search for uniqueness, the individual who becomes a family tree because it is part of a family “constellation”, of which he/she carries in his/her biological being successes and failures, anxieties and ambitions.

The human being has on his shoulders the biological and memoric legacy, which is personal but also total Universe, through a continuous exchange of ancestral and contemporary messages.

Gabiani uses the creation to unroll literally in front of us meters of works on paper and canvas, full of “Poetry without end”, to quote Jodorowsky: she unrolls the body and recomposes it, spreads the Universe, crumbles and reassembles it, shows us its details in an attempt to get to feel connected to and part of a total picture.
The screening of 5 videos by Irina Gabiani (accompanied by the music by Ruggero Laganà, specially created for them) entitled “Sinestesia Universale”, dedicated to the elements of the Universe (“air”, “earth”, “water” and “fire” and completed by the fifth video dedicated to the Universe) and a performance accompany Gabiani’s exhibition, completing an extremely generous research, which also needs to feed itself in order to be able to fully express itself.
Raffaella De Chirico Contemporary Art Via Della Rocca, 19 Via Giolitti, 52 10123 – Turin
Timetables: Friday and Saturday 11-19


Raffaella De Chirico Arte Contemporanea
Via Della Rocca, 19
Via Giolitti, 52
10123 – Torino

Venerdì e sabato 11-19
Altri giorni e orari su appuntamento






Sounds of laughter, shades of life
Are ringing through my open ears
Inciting and inviting me
Limitless undying love
Which shines around me like a million suns
It calls me on and on and on
Across the Universe

The Beatles, Across the Universe

Giovedì 19 settembre, in occasione dell’apertura di TAG Turin Art Galleries, la galleria De Chirico presenta la personale di Irina Gabiani, eclettica artista georgiana che lavora con il disegno, la pittura, l’installazione, il video e la performance.
È il concetto di Universo ad interessare la sua ricerca artistica, il “grande organismo” al quale tutto è interconnesso, perché tutto è Uno.
Legami familiari, componenti elettrici, mani che diventano ramificazioni per unirsi ad altre parti del corpo, capelli, il DNA. Gli elementi che l’artista utilizza per la sua produzione sono frammentazioni tese alla ricerca di unicità, l’individuo che diventa albero genealogico perché parte di una “costellazione” familiare, di cui porta nel suo storico biologico successi e fallimenti, ansie ed ambizioni. L’essere umano ha sulle spalle l’ereditarietà biologica e memorica, che è universo personale ma anche totale, attraverso un continuo scambio di messaggi atavici e contemporanei.
Gabiani si serve dell’aspetto creativo per “srotolare” letteralmente ai nostri piedi metri di lavori su carta e su tela, intrinsechi di “Poesia senza fine”, per dirla alla Jodorowsky: srotola il corpo e lo ricompatta, stende l’Universo, lo sbriciola e lo ricompone, ce ne mostra i dettagli nel tentativo di arrivare al sentircene connessi e parte di un disegno totale.

La proiezione di 5 video di Irina Gabiani (accompagnati dalla musica di Ruggero Laganà, appositamente creata) dal titolo “Sinestesia Universale”, dedicati agli elementi dell’universo (“aria”, “terra”, “acqua” e “fuoco” e completati dal quinto video dedicato all’Universo) e un percorso performativo accompagnano la personale di Gabiani, a completamento di una ricerca estremamente generosa, che necessita anch’essa di nutrirsi di assoluto per potersi esprimere appieno.

Raffaella De Chirico Arte Contemporanea
Via Della Rocca, 19
Via Giolitti, 52
10123 – Torino

Venerdì e sabato 11-19
Altri giorni e orari su appuntamento