Irina Gabiani at: HUMAN EMOTION PROJECT, Guildford Lane Gallery, Melbourne, Australia 2009

(HEP 2009 – Australia)

Guildford Lane Gallery, 20-24 Guildford Lane, Melbourne – Australia
25 February – 8 March 2009

Human Emotions documented visually by international artists using film or video, for the first physical screening in Melbourne – Australia and launch of HEP 2009.

……Emotions are inherently difficult to explicate. How does one describe fear? We know it when we feel it but how can we share, through the paltry use of language, our experience of it? Moving images, mostly embellished with sound, extend the expressive possibilities beyond what can be accomplished through language or even static imagery. By employing the largest palette of creative possibilities, film and video artists from around the world strive to externalize those complex driving forces that we all enjoy and endure and that bind us, as humanity, together despite our differences…..

HEP 2009 Australia – Artists:

 Irina Gabiani (Lux) | Neil Howe (Aus) | Meg Oakley (Aus) | Glenn Church (UK) | Anders Weberg (Swe) | Cristina Valenca Limeira (USA) | Bill Millett (UK) | Mads ljungdahl (Den) | Alison Williams (RSA) | Debbie Douez (Esp) | Jose Drummond (Prt) | Niclas Hallberg (Swe) | Robertina Sebjanič & Nika Autor (Svn) | Tatjana de Luxe (Ger) | Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (Ger) | Adamo Macri (Can) | Michael Chang (Den) | Alicia Felberbaum (UK) | Alberto Guerreiro (Prt) | Ulf Kristiansen (Nor) | Christy Walsh (USA) | Manfred Marburger (UK) | Dave Swensen (USA) | Daniel Chavez (USA) | Masha Yozefpolsky (Isr) | Behjat Omer Kurdistan (UK) | Hakan Akcura (Swe) | Osvaldo Cibils (Ury) | Mike Hinc (UK) | Tristan Mory (Fra) | Richard Jochum (NYC USA) | Simone Stoll (Ger) | Wilma Kun (Bra) | Anna Jaros (Pol) | Anthony Elliot (UK) | Vienne Chan (HKG, Can) | Sue Pam-Grant (RSA) | Michael Ebert & Axel Ebert(Ebros) for the Faticart Group (Ger) | Gaia Bartolini (Ita) | Nicole Rademacher (USA) |

This project was initiated and is managed by South African artist Alison Williams. It was born online through an artist networking website to which all of the artists belong.

Link to the PDF from the HEP Australia article at MOMENTemagazine:

Moment eMagazine

Irina Gabiani, still from the video “Samaia or Triamazikamno”, 2007 ©


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