The Vitruvian Woman Video Installation, Formverk, Eskilstuna, Sweden 2009


The Vitruvian Woman Video Installation

The Vitruvian Woman is an international video collaboration that will have its world premiere at Formverk, in Eskilstuna (Sweden).

Inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous drawing of The Vitruvian Man, video artists from around the globe are coming together to create a single multimedia sculpture called the The Vitruvian Woman.

The installation incorporates nine monitors, each representing the nine regions of the body: head, heart, stomach, sex organ, right arm, left arm, left leg, right leg, and feet.

Twenty-Nine artists from 14 countries have collaborated on this multimedia sculpture, which premieres a total of 87 minutes of video art in simultaneous concert—resulting in a high-tech, gestalt portrait of the The Vitruvian Woman.

Participating Artists:

Aditi Kulkarni, (India)
Alberto Guerreiro (Portugal)
Alexandra Buhl (Denmark)
Alicia Felberbaum (United Kingdom)
Alison Williams (South Africa)
Ambuja Magaji (USA)
Anders Weberg (Sweden)
Anitca Vucovik (Serbia)
Brad Wise (USA)
Bruno Penteado (Brazil) & Henrique Cartaxo (Brazil)
Christy Walsh (USA)
Dave Swensen (USA)
Igor Amin (Brazil)
Irina Gabiani (Luxembourg)
Jan Kather (USA)
Joas Sebastian Nebe (Brazil)
Joy Whalen (USA)
Kai Lossgott (South Africa)
Michael Chang (Denmark) & Melanie Chilianis (Australia)
Niclas Hallberg (Sweden)
Per E Riksson (Sweden)
Renata Padovan (United Kingdom)
Ronee Hui (United Kingdom)
Stina Pehrsdotter (Sweden)
Simone Stoll (Germany) & Anthony Siarkiewicz (USA)
Ulf Kristiansen (Norway)
Uma Ray (India)
Willy Darko (Italy)

The project has been inspired and curated by Michael Chang.

Here are some stills from Irina Gabiani’s video that was presented on that occasion:


Irina Gabiani, still from the video “Urtiertkavshiri”, 2008 ©

Irina Gabiani, still from the video “Urtiertkavshiri”, 2008 ©

Irina Gabiani, still from the video “Urtiertkavshiri”, 2008 ©


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