Irina Gabiani at: HEP 2009 – Italy, Second Italian Screening, Brancaleone, Rome, Italy


HEP 2009 – Italy, Second Italian Screening
At: Brancaleone, Rome, Italy – in collaboration with Faticart Group

Rome, 4 april 2009: HEP Second Italian Screening – Brancaleone

Participating artists:

Irina Gabiani “The slaves of the system” Luxembourg

Karina Smigla-Bobinski “Routen” Germany

Wilfried Agricola de Cologne “Burning Phantom” Germany

Jose Drummond “The illusionist” Portugal

Anders Weberg “Undisclosed beauty” Sweden

Manfred Marburger “Proud” UK

Daniel Chavez “Love signals” USA

Adamo Macri “OOC” Canada

Alison Williams “Watching me watching you” RSA

John Benneth “Self portrait” Denmark

Jeannette Louie “Matter” USA

Stina Pehrsdotter “Urging Absence” Sweden

Vienne Chan “The magic flute” Hong Kong, Canada

Debbie Douez “Two in one” Spain

Alicia Felberbaum “The phone call” UK

Alison Williams,  HEP Director
Carlo Fatigoni  (Associazione FaticArt), Italian Curator

Here is the still from Irina Gabiani’s video that will be presented on this occasion:

Irina Gabiani, still from “The slaves of the system”, 2006 © 


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