Irina Gabiani at: HEP PORTUGAL 2009 curated by Alberto Guerreiro Museum screenings

Portugal I – Screening List

HEP Portugal 2009 – May
16 May 2009 – selected screenings – outdoor screening in the Ceramic Museum Gardens – as part of Museum International Day

time: 21h00 – 22h00 / 23h00 – 24h00
place: Ceramic Museum(State Museum) Facilities Garden
location: Caldas-da-Rainha

Curator in portugal:
Alberto Guerreiro

21h00 – 22h00

Debbie Douez SP Two in One (03:18)
Neil Howie AUS Genesis (10:00)
John Criscitello USA God Shaped Hole (03:29)
Mads Ljungdahl DN The Source (01:47)
Alberto Guerreiro PT Absent (03:00)
Tatjana De Luxe GER Nine Deaths (04:11)
Anders Weberg SWE For Sore Eyes (02:17)
Kyle Van Osdol USA Title (04:39)
Michael Chang DN Concerto Azzuro (06:14)
Alison Williams SA Red Yellow Blue (03:43)
Alicia Felberbaum UK There & Back (02:57)
Masha Yozefpolsky ISR Error Lips (03:34)
Karina Smigla-Bobinski GER Routes /Routen (04:47)

Time 54:05

23h00 – 24h00

Jose Drummond PT The Narcissist (03:02)
Adamo Macri CAN OOC (05:54)
Ebert Brothers GER Bluescape (02:57)
Christy Walsh USA Isolation (03:29)
Glen Church UK Fragility (05:33)
Manfred Marburger UK Agonized (02:59)
Robertina Sebjanič &
Nika Autor SL Niro (02:21)
Wilfried Agricola GER Silent Cry (03:09)
TimWhite-Sobieski USA Closer to Fall (04:10)
Irina Gabiani GEO The Slaves of The System (03:56)
Ektora Banikos GRE Opus Incertum (07:02)
Marty McCutcheon USA 17 South (01:23)
Bill Millett UK The Book (06:46)
Niclas Hallberg SWE Fluid Transfer (03:02)

Hep director:
Alison Williams

Irina Gabiani (c), Still from “The Slaves of the system”, 2006


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