Irina Gabiani at: HEP – at Ivazion, Switzerland, Geneva- 2010


Irina Gabiani’s video “The slaves of the system”  at

Human Emotion Project 

HEP – Switzerland 2010

Curator: Pekka Ruuska

HEP Geneva at Ivazion, Genéve, Switzerland, 30 April- 2010

Leuna O´Doherty: “Legend Madam Jenny Bel´Air and <3Leùna<3 For your peepers only” Paris/Ireland
Peter Eremian : “A Dream” Cyprus
Stina Pehrsdotter : “Urging Absence” Sweden
Jerry King Musser : “Never Home” USA
Daniel Chavez : “FUCK” (edited version only) USA
Manfred Manburger : “PROUD” UK
Glenn Church :” Fragility” USA
Kisito Assangni : “Explosion” France
Ulf Trygve Kristiansen : “The Abyss” Norway
Verena Stenke: “Bist Du Gluecklich?” Italy/Germany
Simone Stoll : “Crazy Lonely” Germany
Karina Smigla-Bobinski : “Routes” Germany
Anders Weberg :” Repressed” Sweden
Bill Millett: “Memory Capsule” UK
Vienne Chan : “One more cliché for performance art!” HK/Canada
Irina Gabiani: “The Slaves of the system” Luxembourg
Michael Chang : “Concerto Azzurro” Denmark
Michal Brzezinski: “See me” Poland
William Esdale:” Somatic Identity” UK
Alberto Guerreiro : “Absent” Portugal
Icetrip Stvz: “FLESH I” Mexico
Adamo Macri: “One Onion Canon” Canada
Debbie Douez: “Two in One” Spain/Canada
András László Weil Fischer diPalotta: “Living your way”Netherlands
Danny Germansen: “Safe” Denmark
Masha Yozefpolsky: “Error Lips” Israel
Alison Williams/Anders Weberg collaboration piece: “Mirror Mirror” RSA/Sweden

Hep curator :

Alison Williams


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