Irina Gabiani at: HEP FINLAND-2010, Culture Center Laaksola, Akaa, Finland

Irina Gabiani’s video: “The slaves of the system” atHEP FINLAND

Videoscreening Kulttuurikeskus Laaksolassa, avajaiset 30.6.2010
Videosceening in Culture Center Laaksola, private view in 30.6.2010

Hep Finland videoscreening on vuoden 2010 Näkymä ympäristötaidenäyttelyä tukeva taidenäyttely, joka järjestetään Kulttuuritalo Laaksolassa Akaan Toijalassa 1.-30.7.2010 Näyttelyn avajaiset pidetään 30.6 klo 19. Hep Videoscreening esittelee sarjan provokatiivisia videotaideteoksia tunnetuilta mediataiteilijoilta ympäri maailmaa. Lisätietoa kansainvälisestä HEP projektista:

Hep Finland is an media-art exhibition held during the Näkymä Environmental Art Exhibition in Culture Center Laaksola in the city of Akaa between 1.-30.7.2010. Private view will be set in 30.6 at 19pm. Hep Finland is constructed from provoctive videoartworks made by known media-artists from all around the world and curated by Allison Williams (RSA) and Pekka Ruuska (FIN). More about the HEP concept:

Screening teokset / Screening works:

Irina Gabiani: “The Slaves of the system” Luxembourg
Leuna O´Doherty: “Legend Madam Jenny Bel´Air and <3Leùna♥ For your peepers only” Paris/Ireland
Peter Eremian : “A Dream” Cyprus
Stina Pehrsdotter : Urging Absence Sweden
Jerry King Musser : “Never Home” USA
Daniel Chavez : “FUCK” USA
Manfred Manburger : “PROUD” UK
Glenn Church :” Fragility” USA
Kisito Assangni : “Explosion” France
Ulf Trygve Kristiansen : “The Abyss” Norway
Verena Stenke: “Bist Du Gluecklich?” Italy/Germany
Simone Stoll : “Crazy Lonely” Germany
Karina Smigla-Bobinski : “Routes” Germany
Anders Weberg :” Repressed” Sweden
Bill Millett: “Memory Capsule” UK
Vienne Chan : “One more cliché for performance art!” HK/Canada
Michael Chang : “Concerto Azzurro” Denmark
Michal Brzezinski: “See me” Poland
William Esdale:” Somatic Identity” UK
Alberto Guerreiro : “Absent” Portugal
Icetrip Stvz: “FLESH I” Mexico
Adamo Macri: “One Onion Canon” Canada
Debbie Douez: “Two in One” Spain/Canada
András László Weil Fischer diPalotta: “Living your way”Netherlands
Danny Germansen: “Safe” Denmark
Masha Yozefpolsky: “Error Lips” Israel
Alison Williams/Anders Weberg collaboration piece: “Mirror Mirror” RSA/Sweden
Maya Aruch: close up

Hep director:
Alison Williams


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