Irina Gabiani at: HEP PORTUGAL 2010 – “Faces”

HEP FACE INSTALLATION – Portugal 2010 curated by Alberto Guerreiro
Gonçalves Sapinho Cultural Center
Benedita – Alcobaça – Portugal
7 to 15 May 2010

4 Channel Video Installation

Type – video portraits or self-portraits / performing face camera expressing emotional feelings or attitudes

Alison Williams – Red Yellow Blue- John Benneth – Self Portrait- Jose Drummond – Narcissist- Debbie Douez – Sadness- Gaia Bartolini – Unseen Dialogue- Richard Jochum – Mamma-Manfred Marburger Proud-Manfred Marburger Agonized-Daniel Chavez – Private Camera-José Luis Pajares – Lunas-Niclas Hallberg – Crying Man-48073 – 09066 silence- Anders Weberg – Self Portrait- Robertina Sebjanic – Niro- Adamo Macri – Slide- Icetrip- Self Portrait- Vienne Chan – Missing in Action- Debbie Douez – Two in One- Osvaldo Ciblis – Multimedia Head- Joas Nebe – For Eyes Only- Irina Gabiani – Extended Time– Larry Caveney – Portrait of Health- Lizet Benrey & Michael Hawk – Secret Place- Masha Yozefpolsky – Error Lips- Dave Swensen – Laugh is The Best Medicine- Bill Millet – Fluidity of Reality- Michael Hawk – Emotional Landscapes- Michael Hawk – Enlightenment- Michael Hawk – Molecoolman- András László Weil Fischer diPalotta – Hollow- Karina Smigla-Bobinski – Routes- Glenn Church – I is Another- Germán Britch – Garbage Face- Aditi Kulkarni – Viewing Room-András László Weil Fischer diPalotta – Mad Professor- Victor Martinez Diaz – Self Portrait- Aditi Kulkarini- Palate- Joas Nebe – Janus Machine- Ektoras Binikos – Antiphone- Ektoras Binikos – Perpetual Madscene

curated by Alberto Guerreiro
Hep director:
Alison Williams

Irina Gabiani’s video “Extended time” will be shown at that occasion.



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