Irina Gabiani at: Over here European Artists in Garikula, Garikula in Europe House 2011

Over here European Artists in Garikula, Garikula in Europe House,

1 Freedom square,
Tbilisi, Georgia

23.O2.2011- 13.03.2011

Vernissage 23.02.2011  17:00 

The idea for this exhibition comes from the creative synergy generated in an art residence located in the small village of Garikula in Georgia’s Shida Kartli region. For 10 years now, Garikula has been serving as an important breeding ground for contemporary art. During this time, this little village has turned into a source of inspiration for artists from all over the world with the Art Villa Garikula becoming a symbol of people-to-people contacts and fruitful co-operation between Georgian and foreign artists. Europe House is pleased and privileged to dedicate its first multidisciplinary exhibition to the theme of cultural interaction with the recognition that intercultural dialogue and promoting diversity of artistiс expression are some of the central topics which are considered crucial for developing democratic institutions in Europe. In order to highlight the importance of these values, Europe House will share the concept of Art Villa Garikula with a Tbilisi audience for the first time.

The exhibition aims at telling Art Villa Garikula’s success story of the individual and joint commitment which has created the opportunity for artists to come together to explore new ideas and share their experiences within an environment of creative charge The history of Art Villa Garikula dates to the year 2000 when Georgian artist Karaman Kutateladze, together with his students from the Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts, began to restore and regenerate the Bolgarski Castle which was built by a Polish engineer in 1885 and had been standing in ruins.

Europe House is presenting a portion of the collection which has been created by Georgian and foreign artists at Art Villa Garikula over the past years. The exhibition encompasses video and sound art, conceptual painting, graphic art, sculpture, installation, art object, photo and photo collage. A large part of these works reflects impressions from Garikula or, in general, from Georgia. It features works of famous European artists such as Jean Dupuy, Emile Laugier, Gilbert Bretterbauer and others. The countries represented through the artists include Austria, France, Germany, Holland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland and the UK. The exhibition is generously supported by the French Embassy, the British Council and the Robert Bosch Foundation.


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