Irina Gabiani at: THIRTEEN LIGHT MOVIES, arsprima Nur Gallery – Milan, 2012

Irina Gabiani’s video: “Blind life”, that was shown in that occasion


Nur gallery video art

…of its own light

curated by Alessandro Trabucco

21 March-18 April- 23 May 2012 from 18.00 to 22.00

 arsprima Nur Gallery

Corso Italia, 9 – Milan


For further information: arsprima, Corso Italia n. 9, Milan, 0258308360


arsprima continues its publicity and awareness-raising of video art by projecting a collection of films in the Nur gallery starting on 21 March for a total of 3 evenings (18 April and 23 May are the next dates) curated by Alessandro Trabucco. With 13 videos by 13 artists on the contemporary scene dedicated to light, for a total of 73’30” of projection, around 24 minutes per evening.

It is no coincidence that the very theme of light was chosen for a space of projection and experimentation carrying the Arabic name Nur, which actually means “light”.

The artists exhibiting, in order of their video presentations, are:

Isobel Blank , Elisabetta Di Sopra , Umberto Corni, Jessica Iapino,   Leonardo Genovese, Silvia Camporesi, Irina Gabiani, Silvio Giordano,  Alessia De Montis, Silvia Serenari, Andrej Mussa, JOYKIX, Francesca Arri.

The video collection is curated by Trabucco and entitled “…of its own light”, reflects on the concept of light from varying points of view, just like contemporary art is eviscerating through the search for artists sensitive to the subject matter.   The medium used, video, has light as its principle characteristic and, in contrast to photography, emanates and illuminates its surroundings with moving images.

The participating artists therefore present their own creative light: “interior” light as an intimate awareness of our own essence and emotional nature; natural light as a pure, vital, archaic, primordial energetic emanation; electric light as a symbol of contemporary light, frenetic, changeable, technological.

The visual path thus sees a body of work which displays diverse sensations and different approaches suggested by the specific poetry of the artist, at times leaning more towards introspection, at others more removed and objective.

“The Sun is the only true reference point, the concept of “its own light” comes from this font of primordial energy, indispensible for the existence of man and the world.

But such a concept, symbolically speaking, may also refer to other aspects of life, with metaphorical references to situations or events which may be redefined, or reinterpreted, following this idea of luminous energetic emanation, identifying it in interior strength or in an object, in another person or in a passion, in a desire or an ambition.

“Light” is its own meaning of life, of Creation, of the beginning of everything, in opposition to darkness, absence, blindness, death, the end of everything.”A. Trabucco

Nur Gallery is the space where the ideas of Cristina Gilda Artese (collectionist, talent scout and founder of arsprima, association for contemporary art).  Nur Gallery  is the private space of arsprima where culture finds a constructive dialogue and the intimacy of a cultural salon, where the goal is the sharing of art.



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