Irina Gabiani at: Fonland Digital Art Festival, Portugal, 2013



Human Emotion Project HEP2013 Love & Hate – Portugal 

Selected artists:

Irina Gabiani “One common father” Italy1 min

Lee Wells “Riot Kids” 2012 USA 2:51

Gilivanka Kedzior & Barbara Friedman “Double bind” 4:08 France

Nikoo Tarkhani “Childless woman” Iran 3:50 (Maranjab desert, Kashan, Iran)

Ulf Kristiansen “I feel you” Norway 5:17

Larry Caveney “Rush Limbaugh and his flock” 1 min

Bill Millett “Swings & Roundabouts” 4:00 UK

NOK&T/ART Nok Snel & T(reesje) Bannenberg “Unraveling” 4:19 Netherlands

Sylvia Toy “”Denial: The Dream” 1:18 USA

William Esdale “At Night They Rejoice” 3:30 UK

Chris Shofner (USA) – About 5:04

Ines von Bonhorst / Yuri Pirondi (GER/ITA) – Emergencia 10:00

Monika K. Adler (POL) – Misery of My Soul 2:57

Diego Ramirez / Gretel Taylor (AUS) – The Tears Inside 6:03

Anders Weberg (SWE) – Sinfulness 1:17

Kaste Seskeviciute (LIT) – Panta Rhei 4:22

Alberto Guerreiro (PT) H-HOMEM/ M- MEN 3:00

Alison Williams (SA) – BOUNDARIES 2:01

0000d6z81Still from the video by Irina Gabiani “One common father”


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