Irina Gabiani’s video “Blind life” at Georgian Video Art – Book Presentation and Videoart show at Tbilisi Mediathek, Tbilisi, Georgia 2014



Georgian Video Art – Book Presentation

Saturday, 2nd August, 6 p.m. at the Mediathek Tbilisi

This publication was published in frames of the project „Georgian Video Art and Moving Image Research“. It was preceded by the establishment of, an online archive of Georgian video art, and by the introductory exhibition „Descriptions“, representing a retrospective on the development of moving image in Georgia, which took place in March 2014 at the National Music Center in Tbilisi, Georgia.


In this context, the publication, which marks the third stage of the project, attempts to portray the theoretical base and thus, the contextual frame of the collected artifacts. Four authors – Khatuna Khabuliani, Edisher Beradze, Davit Chikhladze and Irine Jorjadze – have contributed their views. Each of the contributors are professionally linked to contemporary Georgian art, art theory and criticism. Additionally, two of the authors of the project – Tamar Muskhelishvili and George Spanderashvili – provide an essay about Georgian moving image in regard of exhibition space. Eventually, this is concluded by an review of „Descriptions“, and the respective photo documentation.


At the presentation there will be shown Georgian artists videos.


The production of the publication was made possible through generous support of the Goethe Institute Tbilisi and the Cultural Event Center of Tbilisi City Hall.


Tbilisi Mediathek

76 Chavchavadze ave. (Vake Park Territory)

00012ds31-1Still from Irina Gabiani’s video “Blind life”






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