Irina Gabiani’s videos at: Art for freedom, Saakashvili Presidential Library, Tbilisi, Georgia 2014

Art for freedom poster

Video Art show Art for freedom (Ukraine & Georgia)


Date: 3 October, 2014 (19:00)

Location: Saakashvili Presidential Library

10 Giorgi Saakadze Descent Tbilisi 0160 Georgia

Participating artists:

Arnaud Brihay, William Esdale, Irina Gabiani, Alberto Guerreiro, Michael Douglas Hawk, Maria Korporal, Ulf Kristiansen, Masha Kulikovska, Luca Lazar, Adamo Macri, Yuval Yairi & Zohar Kawaharada

Because of the current events taking place in Ukraine and Georgia a group of artists around the globe found it essential to form a project entitled “Art for freedom.” As we all know, there is a war going on between the free world and the totalitarian regime of Kremlin.

We cannot fight this war with weapons, but what we can do is show our support for the people who are fighting for their freedom though our art. Art is our powerful weapon, much more powerful than any other created to kill people. Art helps to form the inner world of humans, which later on shows in our actions. We will aim to show the world the terror of violence and totalitarianism and do our part in making the free world stronger.

* Short information about Russian-Georgian war, August 2008:

20% Of Georgian territories where occupied by Russian army. Russian troops are still located on the Georgian territories and are still expanding. Hundreds of civilians where killed, among them women and children.

According to ministry of IDPS accommodation and refugees of Georgia, after Russian-Georgian war Georgia has more then 500 000 IDPS from occupied territories.

Equal thing is happening today in Ukraine. This two countries share the same destiny.




P1260792Still from Irina Gabiani’s video “Blind life”


P1260859Still from Irina Gabiani’s video “The truth is there”

P1260855Still from Irina Gabiani’s video “Slaves of the system”






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