Irina Gabiani’s video “Take off your veil” at the LETTERS FROM THE SKY, La Generale, Paris, France, 2015



letters from the sky & sponsorsSIÈGE SOCIAL DE L’ASSOCIATION

Maison des Associations
8, rue du Général Renault 75011 Paris


Visitors to FOREIGN EXCHANGE at La Générale on 7 Dec 2015 will join an evening of lively presentations, installations, films, and contemporary artworks by social change makers from South America, Africa, and Asia who have come to Paris to contribute their stories to the global gathering around COP21!

Meeting artists and activists face-to-face, you will have the opportunity to participate in vibrant exchanges on grassroots responses to climate change. These diverse social change makers will share their climate change solutions and concerns from a range of global South perspectives, cultivated through experiences where the arts meet activism and transformational change.

The event unites under the core value of care. FOREIGN EXCHANGE connects the “thinking-driven” world to a “feeling-driven” world which already exists and points to the future. Respectful and playful, inviting non-violent interactions, visitors can expect the warmth of a nest and the joy of creative engagement.

Developed organically as an experimental cooperation between La Générale, Eroles, TierrActiva and JungleHouse collectives, and without single curatorial input, the collaborators interact across diverse backgrounds and fields of expertise. Each personally explores the different experiences in socially mitigating climate change in their region. Each is open to sharing this with visitors in a simple, direct way.

LETTERS FROM THE SKY. An independent artist’s delegation curated by Kai Lossgott (ZA/DE). These 17 experimental films selected by the jury form part of a database of 40 artists’ motion image submissions from five continents ahead of COP17. First screened in 2011 in Durban, South Africa, official delegates were confronted with the videos in their hotel lobbies, and the project ran daily on the Climate Train in the station. 1 hour 17 min.

The earth is speaking to us. Its time we spoke back. The artists featured in LETTERS FROM THE SKY respond to the messages our climate is sending, so that we all can be part of this conversation.

Top Film Award – Custom (Terry Westby-Nunn)
Best African Film Award – Consomania (Samba Fall)
Jury’s Choice Award – Take off your Veil (Irina Gabiani)
Curator: Kai Lossgott  (kai.lossgott [at]
Assistance: Fabian Wargau (Joburg), Riaaz Khan (Durban)
The festival was funded by the South African government Department of Arts and Culture, Department of Environmental Affairs, as well as the British Council and Climate Smart Cape Town.  It was supported by VANSA (Visual Arts Network of South Africa), COPART, and Indalo Yethu.
Special thanks to Dylan McGarry (COPART), Joseph Gaylard (VANSA), Gillion Bosman (British Council), Nadja Lossgott (logo design), Kurt Lossgott (postal administration), as well as Celia De Villers, Adamo Macri and Joshua Sandler for moral support.