Irina Gabiani’s video at Frames on Canvas, Galeria H2O, Barcelona, Spain 2016

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    Frames on Canvas ”


    Abdoul Ganiou Dermani / Irina Gabiani / Laura Celada / Michele Manzini / Davinia Martínez / Ella / SeRGioSVoX / Nicolás Rico / Pixel in Fact / Fernando García Malmierca / Frederico Evaristo

    Screening : October 20th, 2016 , from 8pm

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    Frames on Canvas We live fascinated by the image and the cult of beauty.

    “Frames on Canvas” is an international video art program based on frames that are expressed on the canvas of the screen. Pictorial images transporting the viewer into the artwork. Visual poetry and sequences that inspire and expire beauty in motion. Collective Levirage and Kisito Assangni, in collaboration with the h2o Gallery, invite the viewer to reflect during the viewing of the program the following issues; Is there anything behind the preciousness in video creation? What hides or shows the resolution in the moving image? How many pixels needs a concept to be expressed? What moves the artist in his expression?


    25 ́ 01:36// Ega // Abdoul Ganiou Dermani

    01:01// Exquisite Form // Irina Gabiani

    06:45// Femme // Laura Celada

    06:20// Snags in Palladio // Michele Manzini

    04:57// Envidia // Davinia Martínez

    05:51// Sombra Sagrada // El la ( II ) 21 ́

    01:03// Kandinsky Improvisation // SeRGioSVoX

    01:51// Paper Rolls // Nicolás Rico

    06:33// Draw // Pixel in Fact

    08:04// Fortress Utopia // Fernando Malmierca

    03:49// Rastros // Frederico Evaristo Levirage Collective


    We are interested in art as a tool of driving thoughts and ideas and multidimensional dialogue established between the work and the viewer in a common space. We build as a collective specializing in video art and performance in 2010. LeVirage manufactures its programs a nd weaves them in relation to the concepts of identity and mass culture. LeVirage is an open collective to promote the dissemination of culture and critical thinking.

    Kisito Assangni, (guest curator) – French – Togolese curator, producer and consultant who studied museology at Ecole du Louvre in Paris. Currently living between London and Paris, his research primarily focuses on psycho – geography and post – globalisation impact on contemporary cultures. Assangni is the founder/curator of Time is Love Screening and selected some of the program to this event.

    Carrer Verdi, 152. 08012 Barcelona
    T 934 151 801



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