Irina Gabiani’s videos at Georgian Video Art: Intro, Jane Hotel, NY, U.S.A. 2016


With the support of

Consulate General of Georgia in New York

Georgian Video Art: INTRO
Program Screening and Art Reception



A new take on Video Art Show format in a fabulous hotel, and a new look at the old

mysterious country Georgia and its contemporary esthetics will be presented to NY audience at the end October, which is Halloween, and the final “closing” of worldwide harvest celebrations.

A 90-minute program of video art pieces, each between 2 to 5 minutes long, will be projected on a large screen with surround sound.

NY based Georgian born independent art curator and video artist Marika Maiorova will introduce a list of current video artists who were born and raised in Georgia. The creators of Georgian Video Archive Alexi Soselia and Galaqtion Eristavi are co-curators of the program.

List of the artists includes:

Artists list: Irina Gabiani, Uta Bekaia, Levan Mindiashvili, Nika Machaidze, Gegi Khaburzania, Koka Tskvediani, Salome Latsabidze, Dimitri Tsutskiridze, Melano Sokhadze, Irakli Skhirtladze, Tamar Khmiadashvili, Alexi Soselia, Maria Chambers, Thea Telia, Zura Apkhazi, Lia Bagrationi and others

The idea is to once again introduce the contemporary Georgian videoart to New York City audience on a large screen and in an intimate hotel setting, and create better integration opportunities for the artists and the curators. Some of the presented artists live and work in different countries around the world, some of them are in NY.

Georgia, a small country with strong Christian traditions, goes back to Prehistoric Period and at some point was nearly bordering waters with Ancient Greece. It is located on the South wing of the Caucasus Mountains. Some villages there are still located up on over 5100 meters above the sea-level, and have never been abandoned. National history of the country is dramatic, same as geography. And so are the recent and the constant changes in the system and the political parties, with progress in everyday life and technologies, in mentality, in philosophy, in art.
Today Georgia is represented as a developing, economically reviving, fun, interesting and beautiful country all set for international tourism. However, the greatest asset of any country will always be its culture. New York’s Museum of Modern Art in the recent years has presented a very comprehensive retrospective of Georgian Film – motion pictures that predated video art as artistic medium. This program “Discovering Georgian Cinema” covered Georgian film production in the years 1907-2014, and has a great impact on overall perception of Georgian nation in the United States.
The event at The Jane Hotel Georgian Video Art: INTRO starts a new series of events discovering Georgian video art for American audience.

For more information, please contact +1 347 607 57 18

The event will take place on Sunday, October 30th, 5 pm to 9 pm.

Introduction of the video program is scheduled at 6 pm.

Special Performance: Vocal trio of sisters Diana and Madona Iremashvili will perform Georgian romances after the video program.

Program is curated in collaboration with the Georgian Video Archive.



Irina Gabiani, video “Don’t go back to sleep”



Image from the show: Irina Gabiani video “Beyond the form”


Image from the show: Video by Irina Gabiani, Counting the infinite, 2013


Image from the show: Video by Irina Gabiani, Part of the whole, 2013


Image from the show: Video by Irina Gabiani, I don’t think you can, 2013


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