Irina Gabiani’s videos at HearteartH, International Videoart Project from Berlin at the VisualcontainerTV



15896317_955011167934459_4612218145712458273_oHeartearH poster 


Still from the video by Irina Gabiani “I don’t think you can”, 2012


Still from the video by Irina Gabiani, “Neither a beggining, nor an end”, 2014


HearteartH 2016

International Videoart Project from Berlin
Curated by Sonia Laura Armaniaco and Maria Felix Korporal
From 13th January to 15th February 2017
only on VisualcontainerTV International Videoart WebTV

VisualcontainerTV welcome the second edition of HearteartH 2016 with a special compilation about 69 videos made by international artists about the symbolism of the two words HEART and EARTH. This videoart project is curated by Maria Korporal and Sonia Armaniaco.

HearteartH is a collective project for artists and media makers ideated by video artists Sonia Armaniaco and Maria Korporal.
The concept took life from these two interlocking words: HEART and EARTH. The strong symbolism of the two words, which are inevitably associated with life, has a strong pull. One is drawn into it. In the almost fateful dependence of these terms of one another, they seem inextricably linked together, even permanently, forever.
The assembly of Heart and Earth in the title, in one word, follows these substantive consequence. The nearly identical letters gives the impression of an anagram, and so the title gets something of a magic spell from which we can not escape. Due to the large H at the beginning and end of the word, the title sounds as a breath. Heartearth is so an unlimited ongoing project, as well as the topic has no end, “life goes on”, “the earth continues to rotate”. In this doubling of the word is a power that can give life.
As Life is always looking for additions and adjustments, Art as well has the force to open new viewpoints and new feelings about this peculiar theme; Art which is so close and yet so far away, and which can be so beautiful and at the same time frightening. Or Art could provide an opportunity to think about it.

Selected Video:

Alessandra Arnò: Earth, 3:14
Alessandro Amaducci: Bloodstream, 7:15
Alessandro Amaducci: A Tell-Tale Heart, 3:31
Abdoul-Ganiou Dermani: “Ega” (Money), 1:36.
Aliénor Vallet: Horizon Vert Azur (Green Azure Horizon), 5:00.
Andrew Payne: Moon and cloud movements 3 , 1:00.
Angiola Bonanni: Love Woes, 12:05.
Annique Delphine: Plethora, 3:21.
Barbara Brugola: Lapse of View, 3:19.
Barbara Wolters: Intervention, 2:58.
Brian Kane: Being Human: Al Design, 2:42.
Bunker Media: Earth, 2:10
claRa apaRicio yoldi: Zoom in, 3:19.
Damira Piližota: Hurry, 1:03.
Daniel Ivan: Haiku, 5:05.
Eija Temisevä: Searching for Sense, 4:58.
Eija Temisevä: Vitality of a tree, 3:15.
Eleonora Manca: METAMOR(pH), 4:11.
Eleonora Manca: I Sing The Body Electric_Psyché, 1:26.
Erick Tapia: TERRITORIUM, 3:25.
Florent Texier: Les Vapeurs (The Steams), 2:11.
Fran Orallo: Vulcano, 4:08.
Fran Orallo: Beats, 4:30.
Gaetano Maria Mastrocinque: Argille, 5:48.
Gisela Weimann: Welt in Flammen – World in Flames – Monde en Flammes, 11:37.
Gwendolyn Audrey Foster: Virtual Gallery – The Gaia Triptych, 1:14.
Heli Ström: Refuge, 3:00.
Irina Gabiani: Neither a beginning nor an end, 1:40.
Irina Gabiani: I don’t think you can, 3:43.
Isabelle Hayeur: Pulse, 3:00.
JfR (Jean-Francois Réveillard): BREATH, 2:00.
Johanna Speidel: The Mirror, 5:26.
Jukka-Pekka Jalovaara: K.E.R.O.S.E.N.E poems from the planet, 7:08.
Kim Dotty Hachmann & Ginny Sykes: Healing Grounds, 3:38.
Larry Wang: All is Serene, 1:18.
Larry Wang: BARCODE, 2:17.
Laura Focarazzo: Hunting, 6:15.
Lino Strangis: Metaphysical Orogeny, 7:44.
Lotte Geeven: The sound of the earth, 1:14.
Maria Koehne: Standing Still, 5:44.
Maria (Felix) Korporal: Underwater Desert, 2:35.
Mariangela Ferraris aka MaryMee: .flow, 00:59.
Mariangela Ferraris aka MaryMee: 01.Hello World!, 01:49.
Mariel Gottwick: Meine Weltshow, 8:00.
Miriam Dessì: Fertilia, 4:59.
Mr. Armtone: Mistabishi – Druggers End (Mr. Armtone Video-Edit), 3:24.
Murat Sayginer: Volans, 2:33.
Myriam Thyes: Global Vulva, 6:20.
Paolo Bandinu: No Country, 2:21.
Pèninsolar: Under The Hanoi Monorail, 4:47.
s-ara (Sandra Araújo): Rio-me porque és da aldeia e vieste de burro ao baile, 2:53.
Sandra Becker 01: pachamama4.0, 3:11.
Reelvision: acqua vitae, 2:37.
Sarah Wölker: eNe mEne mIlchzahN, 5:22.
Shivkumar K V: one good cause…, 2:47.
Sonia Laura Armaniaco aka §vonica: GAIA, 3:49.
Sonia Laura Armaniaco aka §vonica: no more UPGRADE , 7:57.
Stephan Groß: Die Liebe in den Zeiten der EU (Love in the time of the EU), 5:57.
Susanne Kunjappu-Jellinek: Heart of RootsEarth of Fruits, 2:47.
Sylviatoyindustries (Sylvia Toy St. Louis): VOICE: A Fly-by on Lyssa’s Maiden Voyage
(festival cutting 2), 0:42.
Takehito Etani: Transparent Footprints of Invisible Giants / San Francisco Chapter ,
TinyarVisuals (Tina Sulc): Illusion of Hydrosphere, 2:52.
Tiziano Bellomi: Winter 2015/2016, 0:51.
Tom Albrecht: Eivergrabung, 3:56.
Vladislav Solovjov: Home, 1:13.
Wheeler Winston Dixon: Human Scale, 4:21.
ydl (Yannick Dangin Leconte): Propagande, 4:44.

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Irina Gabiani’s video at TIME is Love.10 [Show 1], ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe – Germany



Irina Gabiani’s video”Counting the infinite”, at  ZKM, Karlsruhe, 2017



Time is Love 10 presented by it’s curator Kisito Assangni

Friday 20th January 2017


TIME is Love.10

ZKM | Center for Art and Media
Karlsruhe – Germany


Abdoul-Ganiou Dermani, Alessandro Amaducci, Anahi Caceres, APOTROPIA, Badr El Hammami, Bamba Diop, Betelhem Makonnen, Carlo Giuseppe Zuozo, Chanchal Banga, ClaRa ApaRicio Yoldi, David N Allard, Duo Strangloscope (Cláudia Cárdenas & Rafael Schlichting), Eija Temisevä, Eleonora Manca, Fenia Kotsopoulou & Daz Disley, Enoh Lienemann, Francesca Bonci, Francesca Lolli, Gianluca Capozzi, Guli Silberstein, Irina Gabiani, Joas Nebe, Kai Welf Hoyme, Karl Ingar Röys, Kent Anderson Butler, Kokou Ekouagou, LAu Focarazzo, Liliana Orbach, Lisi Prada, LucFosther Diop, Marta Azparren & Sergio Blardony, Marie Paule Bilger, Mohamed Thara, Noa Nahari, Pedro Sanchez III, Piyali Ghosh, Rahman Hak-Hagir, Regina Huebner, Roman Gomes, Shivkumar KV, Simone Stoll, Slawomir Milewski, S/N (Jennida Chase), Tahir Ün, Valeria Lo Meo & Michele Manzini, Vijay Raghavan, Viviana Druga, Zlatko Cosic.
(c) Marie Paule Bilger, Between, 2016

Project curator: Kisito Assangni



Irina Gabiani, Unrolling the human body, works and videos at TROIS C-L, Bananefabrik, Luxembourg




Video form the exhibition “Unrolling the human body”



Irina Gabiani: “Unrolling the human body” at TROIS C-L, Bananefabrik, Luxembourg 


The current exhibition “Unrolling the human body”, presents a selection of large scale mix media works on paper created by Irina Gabiani specifically for the exhibition at TROIS C-L, whose focus is the theme of hedonism.

This series of works is an evolution of a previous important group of works which were exhibited by Irina Gabiani in July 2016 at the Georgian National Museum of Arts. The exhibition title was “Unrolling the Universe”

Irina Gabiani is inspired by the micro and macro worlds that – seen in a different perspective – becomes a source of endless inspiration. 

Together with the two dimensional works, the artist will show 2 videos: “Urtiertkavshiri” and “Blind life” and 6 drawings on paper that integrate the project “Unrolling the human body”.


Detail of the work by Irina Gabiani “Unrolling human body- black”, 2016


Detail of the work by Irina Gabiani “Unrolling human body- white”, 2016

Mix media on paper


Detail of the work by Irina Gabiani “Unrolling human body- black”, 2016

Mix media on paper


Irina Gabiani, “Blind life”, still from the video



Irina Gabiani, still from the video “Urtiertkavshiri”



Irina Gabiani, drawing

Pencil on paper


Édition spéciale

Vendredi 3 février 2017 à 19:00 BILLETTERIE EN LIGNE : Cliquez ICI


Léa Tirabasso, TOYS
AD Compagnie, Balansé

Irina Gabiani, Unrolling the human body

Le TROIS C-L se réjouit d’accueillir, en février, la première de TOYS, la nouvelle création de la jeune chorégraphe Léa Tirabasso. Au croisement entre esthétique de l’absurde, culture populaire et philosophie,TOYS présente une réflexion existentielle sur notre rapport au plaisir.
Au cours de la soirée, le public est également invité à découvrir l’exposition Unrolling the bodies d’Irina Gabiani, qui se penche sur notre perception de l’univers, ainsi que Balansé, la création empreinte de mélancolie de la chorégraphe française Agnès Dru.

En savoir plus sur le 3 du TROIS : Cliquez ici !


“L’uomo e l’infinito nell’arte di Irina Gabiani”

by Paola Cairo