Irina Gabiani’s work at “Radical”, Hyperflexion Contemporary Art Gallery, Port Elizabeth – Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa


Group Show 2019
Hyperflexion Contemporary Art Gallery

                          Irina Gabiani’s work at the show Radical


A Group Show “Radical” will take place at the Gallery 22 on 6th Avenue, Walmer Port Elizabeth – Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa. Opening night Friday 8 March 6pm

The Exhibition will run on a view by appointment basis with a Gallery tour on request for either private viewing or groups during office hours or as per request. All viewing and co-ordination through Alison Williams (Artist & Gallery). “Radical” will run for two months after which the Group Show “F is For”; a Dedication to Feminism kicks in.


Paintings, videos, mixed media and digital photographic works, along with stills from videos will be on display.


The artists add value to a space which is dedicated to art and the sharing of art. “Build it and they will come” a line snatched from a film helps define Hyperflexion Contemporary Gallery which relies on co-operation and collaboration and tries to avoid drudgery by igniting minds.

There are some true gems to gawk at and hopefully something to stimulate the artistic senses of many. The desire is to inspire and motivate, broaden horizons and nudge artists into seeing a bigger picture. It is not about where you live, the only thing that truly confines one is the notion that we are not free to pursue our individual dreams no matter how banal they may appear to others. “Think art, breathe it and share it, celebrate art and break out of the box of conformity if you have placed yourself in one – liberation brings happiness.” Hyperflexion Contemporary is all about uniting art and people, crossing borders and letting the light shine in.

“In large measure becoming an artist consists of learning to accept yourself, which makes your work personal, and in following your own voice, which makes your work distinctive.”
― David Bayles, Art & Fear: Observations on the Perils (and Rewards) of Artmaking

Here is a list of the participating artists in our Group Show “Radical”2019:

Wednesday Kim (S.Korea)
Sylvia Toy St. Louis (USA)
Jasmin-Lee Hoffman (RSA)
Lee Wells (USA)
Evelin Stermitz (Austria)
Danny Germansen (Denmark)/ Daria Baiocchi and Marek Magierecki
Ulf Kristiansen (Norway)
Louwrens Westraad (RSA)
Irina Gabiani (Luxembourg)
Joaquin Goldstein (Peru)
Amber Skye (RSA)
Cedric Vanderlinden (RSA)
Caddelle Faulkner (RSA)
Adamo Macri (Canada)
Alberto Guerreiro (Portugal)
Sandrine Deumier (France)
Alison Williams (RSA)
Christian Zanotto (Italy)
Bretten-Anne Moolman (RSA)
Susan Proctor Hume (RSA)
Rahman Hak-Hagir (Austria/Vienna)
Masha Yozefpolsky (Russia/Israel)
G.H. Hovagimyan (USA)
Neil Howe (Australia)
Monique Wiffen Rorke (RSA)
Anonymous Artist (France)
Effie Noifelt (Athens, Greece)   


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