Irina Gabiani about:

Born 1971, Tbilisi (Georgia), lives and works in Luxembourg


Gerrit Rietveld Academy of Art, Amsterdam 1994-1997

Academy of Art of Tbilisi 1990-1994

School of Art of Tbilisi 1986-1990

The Universe in its holistic essence is the focus of the research of Irina Gabiani according to whom we all belong to a unique system, to a “big organism” imagined as a kind of complex, interrelated chain, of which we, and everything around us, are a part.

Trying to see beyond what we can perceive with our eyes, going beyond the vision of the world as we use to know, the artist researches the innumerable similarities between the infinitely big and the infinitely small within matter. The more we know matter and understand its complexity which

escapes us at a simple glance, the more the infinitely small leads us to the universe.

Irina Gabiani works with painting, drawing, installation,  sculpture, video and performance.

The works of Irina Gabiani have been exhibited in the following Countries:

USA, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Greece, Israel, Cyprus, Malta, Poland, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Georgia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Armenia, Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, India, Macao, China, Lebanon, Syria, Morocco, South Africa, Argentina, Nepal, Cuba, Ethiopia, either in Galleries, institutions, museums, or in festivals and biennals including the Venice Biennale.

The works of Irina Gabiani have been exhibited in the following venues:


Torrance Art Museum, Torrance (U.S.A.); Museo Pietro Canonica a Villa Borghese, Rome (Italy); Museo della Civiltà Romana, Rome (Italy); CAPC musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux (Bordeaux, France); Museo Scuderie Aldobrandini, Rome (Italy); Villa d’Este, Rome (Italy); Museo del Cinema, Torino (Italy); Janashia Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi (Georgia); Georgian National Museum Karvasla, Tbilisi (Georgia); Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Villa Croce, Genova (Italy);  Leonidze State Museum,Tbilisi (Georgia); Georgian National Museum – Amiranashvili Museum of Art, Tbilisi (Georgia); Mole Vanvitelliana, Ancona (Italy); Rocca dei RettoriBenevento (Italy); Museo Civico del Broletto, Novara (Italy); Palazzo OrsiniViterbo (Italy); Castello di Frontone, Pesaro e Urbino (Italy);Malhoa Museum, Caldas da Rainha (Portugal); Museu de Ceramica, Caldas da Rainha (Portugal); Rotermann Salt Storage Arts Centre Museum, Tallinn(Estonia); Vilnius and Kedainian Regional Museum, Vilnius (Litva); Arnot Art Museum, New York (U.S.A); Arad Art Museum, Arad (Romania);


Venice Biennale, Italian Pavilion, Arsenale, Italy (Venice); Fondazione Benetton, Italy (Treviso); Società Promotrice Belle Arti, Turin (Italy); Unione Culturale Franco Antonicelli, Turin (Italy); CLAC – Centro Labicano Arte Contemporanea, Rome (Italy); CCA – CENTER FOR CONTEMPORARY ARTS, Glasgow, UK (2018) Visual Container, Milan (Italy); Milan Conservatory, Milan (Italy); Mulhouse Art Contemporain, Mulhouse (France); Ex-New Contemporary Art Center (Italy); College d’EspagneParis (France); Tenerife Espascio De Las Artes Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain); Filmoteca de Andalucia, Cordoba (Spain); Rich Mix Foundation, London (United Kingdom); Rietveld Academy of ArtAmsterdam (The Netherlands); Zet FoudationAmsterdam (The Netherlands); Cour de Justice Européenne, Luxembourg (Luxembourg); Université du Luxemourg, Luxembourg  (Luxembourg); Trois C-L, Centre de Création Chorégraphique, Luxembourg (Luxembourg);  Abbaye de Neunmunster, Luxembourg (Luxembourg); ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe (Germany); Medienwerkstatt Bethanien, Berlin (Germany); Center for Contemporary Art – Pavilion UnicreditBucharest (Romania); Academy of Art, Tallinn (Estonia); Noass Arts Centre, Riga (Latvia); Porvoon Taidetehdas Konstfabriken, Porvoo (Finland); The Cornaro Institute,Larnaca (Spain); Saakashvili Presidential Library,Tbilisi (Georgia); National Parliamentary Library of Georgia, Tbilisi (Georgia); Tbilisi Mediathek, Tbilisi (Georgia); Georgia Center of Contemporary Art, Tbilisi (Georgia); Europe House,Tbilisi (Georgia); Art Villa Garicula, Akhalkalaki (Georgia); The Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental ArtYerevan (Armenia); Centre for Contemporary Art Foundation, Kiev (Ukraine); AFA – Beijing Contemporary Art CentreBeijing (China); AFA – Macao (Macao); The Climate TrainDurban (South Africa); Osmania University, Hyderabad (India); La Generale, Paris (France); NCCA – National Center for Contemporary Art (St. Petersburg); Sakura WorksYokohama (Japan); Plymouth University, Plymouth (UK); Artspace Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv (Israel); Visualcontainer TV, Milan (Italy); Photon Centre for Contemporary photography, Ljubljana (Slovenia);


Teatro Colosseo, Italy (Rome); Rustaveli Georgian National Theatre, Tbilisi (Georgia); Georgian State Pantomime Theatre, Tbilisi (Georgia); Centre de Création Corégraphique, Luxembourg (Luxembourg); Vörösmarty, Budapest (Bulgaria); Labia CinemaCape Town (South Africa); The Sunflower Theatre, Beirut (Lebanon);


Raffaella De Chirico Contemporary Art (Italy); Gian Marco Casini Gallery, Livorno (Italy); Nosbaum Reding Projects (Luxembourg);  Giampiero Biasutti studio per l’arte contemporanea, Torino (Italy);  Galleria Giancarlo Salzano, Torino (Italy); Galerie Beaumontpublic, Luxembourg (Luxembourg); Artreview Gallery, London (U.K.); Galleria Del Ponte, Turin (Italy); UnimediaModern GENOVA, Genova (Italy); Galerie Toolbox, Berlin (Germany); Sobering Gallery, Paris (France); Plateau Gallery, Berlin (Germany); Lily Agius Gallery, Silema (Malta); DotBox, Milano (Italy); Velan Center for Contemporary Art, Torino (Italy); Zaion Gallery, Biella (Italy); Nur Gallery, Milano (Italy); Brancaleone, Roma (Italy); GalerieTalmart, Paris (France); Galeria H20, Barcelona (Spain); Vovatania Gallery, Kharkov (Ukraine); Tiwani Contemporary, London (U.K); Kulter, Amsterdam (The Netherlands); Galerie de la Voûte, Paris (France); Galerie Octobre, Paris (France); Savvy Contemporary, Berlin (Germany); Artspace Gallery, Durban (South Africa); Galleria Rajatila, Tampere (Finland); Technopolis, Athens (Greece); Formwerk, Eskilstuna (Sweden);  City Art Gallery, Kiev (Ukraine); City Art Gallery, Kharkov (Ukraine); Guildford Lane Gallery, Melbourne (Australia);  Gallery 9, Tbilisi (Georgia); The Bioscope, Johannesburg (South Africa); Pink Gallery, Seoul (South Korea); Mur Nomade, Hong Kong (China);  Shrishty Art Gallery, Hyderabad (India); Gallery of Arts Faculty, University of Pristina (Pristina); Gallery (Experiencia) Hiedra, Buenos Aires (Argentina); Gallery MCUBE, Lalitpur (Nepal)


Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy (2011); Art Beijing, Beijing, China (2010); Time is love (5-10); Sguardi Sonori, Italy (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014); Cologne Off (2010, 2011, 2013); Out of Range, Italy (2009, 2011, 2013); Toronto Urban Festival, Toronto, Canada (2013); Video Dia Loghi, Torino, Italy (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012); Berliner Liste, Berlin, Germany (2016); Le 3 du Trois, Luxembourg (2017); Art for Freedom, Tbilisi, Georgia (2014); Casablanca Video Art Festival, Casablanca, Morocco (2018); Human Emotion Project (2009, 2010, 2013); Letters from the sky, South Africa ( 2011); Athens Video Art Festival, Athens, Greece (2011); One Shot International Film FestivalMagmart, Milano, Italy (2011); CeC, 6th Carnival of e-Creativity, Bhimtal, India (2011);  Delhi International Arts Festival, Delhi, IndiaArtisterium, Tbilisi, Georgia (2009, 2010); Simultan Festival, Romania (2010); Busho – Budapest International Short Film Festival, Budapest (2012); Optica Festival, Spain (2009); Fest i nova, Garikula, Georgia (2009); Edinburgh Art Festival, Edinburg (2008);   Luxembourg Design Biennale, Luxembourg (2012); Berliner liste, Berlin, Germany (2016); List I Ljosi Light Festival, Iceland (2016); Luxembourg City Film Festival, Luxembourg (2016); Digital Marrakech 5, International Media Art & Digital Cinema Festival, Morocco (2016); Sofia Underground Performance Art Festival, Bulgaria (2017); Strangloscope Festival, Florianopolis, Brazil (2017);  Festival International d’Art Vidéo de Casablanca (FIAV) Morocco, (2017); FIVAC – International Video Art Festival of Camaguey, Cuba (2017); Time is Love, International Videoart Project (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017); Lucca Art Fair, Lucca (2018); Addis Video Art Festival, Addis Ababa (Ethiopia);

Irina Gabiani received the following awards:

2008 Third International Art Prize Arte Laguna, Sculpture, Best foreign artist

2008 Third International Art Prize Arte Laguna, Sculpture, Virtual Jury Prize

2008 8° Premio Nazionale d’Arte Città di Novara, Video, III prize

2011 International Video Festival “Letters from the sky”, Video, Top 10 Award Winner

2011 International Video Festival “Letters from the sky”, Video, Judges’ Prize Winner

Irina Gabiani’s works are present in private and public collections including:

Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro, Milano (Italy); Georgian National Museum – Amiranashvili Museum of Art, Tbilisi (Georgia); Rustaveli Georgian National Theatre, Tbilisi (Georgia); Georgian State Pantomime Theatre, Tbilisi (Georgia); Georgian State Museum of Theatre, Music and Cinema, Tbilisi (Georgia); La Iglesia de los Angeles, El Milagro (Argentina); The National Parliamentary Library of Georgia, Tbilisi (Georgia);