Irina Gabiani’s video at TIME is Love.11 [Show 3], Casablanca International Video Art Festival, Morocco

24 April – MOROCCO
TIME is Love.11 [Show 3]
International video art program

Casablanca – Morocco

24th – 28th April 2018
Free Admission

Albert Bayona, Angelina Voskopoulou, Anupong Charoenmitr, Céline Trouillet,Cristina Picchi, Dee Hood, Djibril Drame, Erick Tapia, Frederico Evaristo,Helina Metaferia, Iloisa Fortes, Irina Gabiani, Isabel Pérez Del Pulgar, Isidora Ficovic, Jennida Chase, Joas Nebe, Kokou Ekouagou, Lisa Birke, Laura Celada, Magdalena Zeisel, Mauricio Sáenz, Matilde De Feo, Przemek Węgrzyn, Rrose Present, Salvatore Insana, Sandra Bouguerch, Sandrine Deumier, Sarah Bliss, Schweizer Maya, Soar Soaring-Words, Susanne Wiegner, Tom Skipp, Tushar Waghela, Vijay Raghavan.


Curated by Kisito Assangni
Special Thanks to Mohamed Thara

Still from Irina Gabiani’s video “One common father”


Irina Gabiani at: Time is love, Tiwani Contemporary, London, UK 2012

Time is Love.5 [show 10]
International video art show
Curated by Kisito Assangni
19 June 2012
18H30: Screening + Q&A with the public
Free admission

16 Little Portland Str
London W1W 8BP
Tube: Oxford Circus
Alicja Rogalska (UK) | Alysse Stepanian (USA) | Charlotte Merino (France) | ELASTIC Group (Italy) | Fernando Velasquez (Brazil) | Grace Kim (USA) | Hermelinde Hergenhahn (Netherlands) | Hervé Penhoat (France) |
Irina Gabiani (Luxembourg) | Isidora Ficovic (Serbia) | Kokou Ekouagou (Togo) | Larry Caveney & Lizet Benrey (USA) | Laurent Fiévet (France) | Masha Yozefpolsky (Israel) | Michael Chang (Denmark) | Michael Douglas Hawk (Germany) | Nadiah Shazana (Maylasia) | Neven Allanic (France) | Nina Backman (Finland) | Pier Giorgio de Pinto (Switzerland) | Saliou Traoré (Burkina Faso) | Samba Fall (Senegal) | Simone Stoll (Germany) | Tristan Mory (France) | Ulf Kristiansen (Norway) | Wai Kit Lam (Hong Kong) | William Esdale (UK) | Xavier Gautier (France)
The new edition of Time is Love is based on the difficulties experienced by the earthmen to love. Simply love. Being in connection with the Other is not an easy thing in present times. We attend a fold of the individualities, a fainted solidarity and a blatant indifference for the Other. Love is a universal theme, within the reach of each. It comes along with the biggest human sufferings: the refusal, the solitude, the evil to be, the vengeance, the treason, the disappointment, the shame. The loving feelings recover the desert of our biggest troubles as our most beautiful enjoyments. Thirty selected artists venture on the thread of this tricky ambivalence. They deliver us without concession a range of complexities, bitternesses and passions generated by human relationships.
The selection operated by Kisito Assangni (artist and curator) states multiple sufferings, tearings and impossibilities of rapprochement. The presented bodies are in the heart of these individual and collective tightnesses. They are the main vectors passing on the notions of voracious passion, nostalgia and sensual slowness.
If Time is Love.5 raises a dark portrait of the human feelings, lights of hopes live and resist nevertheless. If today the time is synonymic money, Time is Love strives to avert the gaze towards more essential values so that the time can rhyme with that of the love, the gathering and the let go. Love as universal feeling extricates itself here from traditional clichés and from a timeless idealism. It is declined, scrutinized and translated with depth and intensity, just like the complexity of mankind.
Julie Crenn